Astrid Sy


Astrid Sy is historicus, presentator en gepubliceerd schrijver. 



Ever since I was a little child, stories from the past fascinated me. As an historian by choice and storyteller at heart, I strive to bring history to the general public. My work focuses on exploring the relationship between past and present. Wether through research and education, documentaries or books. In the world we live in today, these connections are more important than ever if we want to combat humankind’s most critical and challenging issues. Through that we can learn to understand and embrace the complexity of the world, instead of rejecting it. By showing personal stories from the past, complex processes and developments can be revealed, which I believe can not only bring people and communities together, but also give them insight in the beautiful gnosis of the past.



Astrid Sy weet de verschrikkingen en de ellende van de Tweede Wereldoorlog heel indringend en zeer realistisch over te brengen.


  Astrid Sy bij het programma ‘De Optimist’ van EenVandaag - 08-11-2017

Astrid Sy bij het programma ‘De Optimist’ van EenVandaag - 08-11-2017